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  • Reviewed by:   on: //2/15

    The atmosphere and servers are really nice, however, the food is nothing special. Salty, greasy, and not very flavorful. There are many other places for Chinese food in Hayward, so I'd definitely skip this restaurant.

  • Reviewed by:   on: //12/2

    If you only care about the food, the one item I can tell you to avoid is the steamed chicken dumplings on the Dim Sum menu. The skin is too thick and would be better fried.Otherwise, the Singapore Style Noodles have detectable spiciness, Fried Rice is made with low sodium, and the Chow Fun (better known as Chow Ho Fun) has the right amount of oil with a great fire-wok taste. All the other Dim Sum items should taste between satisfactory and great, but the prices are marked up compared to nearby West Lake Restaurant. The cookie-cutter shaped Mango Pudding lightly lined with raspberry jam and a pump of whipped cream in the center was delightful.I can't really comment on the quality of service, because I went with three other people and there were only two to three other tables occupied and at most two people at the bar. But we were served by a middle-aged woman and she was nice. Our food came out in a timely manner.--------------------------------------------------­-----------------------------------------------After reading other people's reviews and having lunch here earlier today, I conclude this restaurant is somewhere between having an identity crisis and being an Olive Garden except with Chinese food.The identity crisis comes from impressions that are full of contrast. The parking lot doesn't have potholes, but is in need of being repaved. The facade is a dull pink, but walk inside and you have a fairly nice upper mid-class seating environment. As a classically trained pianist and violinist, my attention to detail was only able to pick out a couple of the classical music selections that might have been too intense for eating, but otherwise it was relaxing. The fountain attempts to add the upscale touch, but that could easily be negated if it encourages you to get up and use the bathroom.The wanna-be Olive Garden feel comes from all the waiters being non-Chinese, no written Chinese at all on the menus, forks and a knife wrapped in cloth napkins (you have to ask for chopsticks) and no tea offered of all things. But don't fear this place of being too Americanized because the chefs chat and work away in Cantonese and the authenticity of the food matches that of any decent Chinese restaurant in the Bay Area.The full bar and its lighting look attractive, but because it's so visibly open to the rest of the seating area, I can't consider it as family friendly as Olive Garden.It's trying so hard to be inspired by the best of different things but it's an awkward fusion. Repaint the facade tan or sand, put written Chinese on the menu, lower the Dim Sum prices so that they're closer to competitors, put up a wall between the bar and main seating area, offer a rich-tasting traditional tea if the customer looks Asian (especially during the cold Winter months!), and you just might have a winner.

  • Reviewed by:   on: //12/2

    manager is a jerk to customers and to his staff. Will never step foot in this place again food was good now it is was plain with no flavor. NEVER order take out here cause they will get your order wrong. Was one of this first customers to make a order here was going here since the restaurant before them. Will never recommend to any one about this place ever.

  • Reviewed by:   on: //12/2

    Me and at least nine others got food poisoning/gastroenteritis after eating their food during our company's Christmas party. If you enjoy violently vomiting and squirting diarrhea all night, this could be your place.0 stars

  • Reviewed by:   on: //12/1

    Was I eating in the same place as all the other yelpers? This place was like any other run down Chinese food restaurant that offers three dishes for under 20 bucks. Maybe because of the good reviews or maybe because the name of the restaurant actually has the word bistro in it, I actually expected to have a higher quality Chinese food. And by higher-quality I mean chicken that does not taste like it has been soaking in a mop bucket for two weeks before it was cooked and put on your plate. Seriously what is up with that texture? At least when I go to Ming Tasty's or even worse delight cafe I know what I am getting myself into. No-frills, no good but for a very cheap cost. But for the same type of food this place charge $12 a plate! The sauce on the mango chicken was slimy from being overly thickened with cornstarch. The meat in the pork buns had way too much dark soy sauce flavor and tasted like somebody just rehydrated some jerky. 50 bucks for a meal that fed three adults and one small child. We took home the bowl of white rice (but left the two uneaten chicken dishes) because we were at a loss of what to do with the fact that we just paid all that money for basically in edible food.

  • Reviewed by:   on: //12/1

    This place is totally over rated and over priced. I was excited to bring my family here based on the yelp reviews, but was totally disappointed and let down by the food. I am not a picky eater so it takes a lot for me to not like something. My family got two chicken dishes and they both were bad. Worst yet, the chicken tasted like it came from an animal that survived a nuclear fall out. The texture was sponge like and the taste was not there. The eggplant basil dish was edible but lacked flavor, especially basil. I felt robbed for what they charged based on the low quality I received. Even the chili hot sauce at the table tasted old and crusty. How do you make chili sauce taste like salty toothpaste? I will not go back or be able to reclaim the taste buds I lost at this place.

  • Reviewed by:   on: //11/9

    Atmosphere is good, decent staff and some food is good while others are definitely lacking. I recommended this place dozens of times , but their food no longer wows me. I used to have this as a 5 star place now it just average. Example of this is their orange chicken. It used to be delicious now it seems like a completely different recipe. Not a bad place to go would try again, but really they are kicking out average food for higher than average prices. The kitchen has lost its touch.

  • Reviewed by:   on: //11/5

    I love this place and can say that not only have I never had a bad experience here, but in fact can remember each and every visit with gusto. I have taken many friends and coworkers here for the first time and they always thank me. You would never know it's so nice from the outside, so don't judge a book by its cover. All of the waiters here are exceptionally friendly, available, and hospitable. Extremely generous portions and their fusion chinese cuisine is impossibly good ( I am otherwise pretty indifferent about chinese food). I am the biggest fan of their Kung Pao style vegetarian chicken! My favorite chicken-alternative in the world. They have a full bar and just expanded to the building next door to accommodate private events. This is truly one of Hayward's gems and I couldn't speak more fondly of it.

  • Reviewed by:   on: //11/3

    This gem in Hayward is definitely worth coming too. Doesn't really look too fancy from the outside but once inside, it's a pretty nice place for Chinese food. The food tastes clean and not too oily. They have brown rice which is a plus. They also have a full bar with their own specialty drinks. I've come here for a nice date nite but it's also a nice place for big groups as well. I've called ahead for a big party and they a accommodated very nicely.

  • Reviewed by:   on: //11/2

    The host (bartender) was exceedingly rude to our group upon entering the establishment. He barely shot a glance in our direction as we entered, and we stood awkwardly for a while no knowing what the protocol was. The hostess podium was vacant, and so we stood, and stood. Then, like a petulant child distracted from playing with his favorite toy, the bartender literally scowled at us as he slowly made his way over. Clearly humphed at having to seat our party of 6, his body language said it all. We offered smiles, patience, even a cheerful "hello" which he simply ignored by turning his back and sauntering in to the dining area without even checking to see if we were following. He then waited, arms folded, practically tapping his foot because apparently we weren't moving fast enough. Service here is a dismal one star, food is three (decent, overpriced, and not worth the side helping of abuse). Needless to say, we won't be back. China Bistro, seek out an employee that that values customer service to run the front of your house. Service, or lack there of is an enormous factor in the restaurant business. Your dining room was not even half full the night we dined there, and it would behoove you to consider a changing of the guard, or at least his diaper so that you can tie a tourniquet to stop the loss of business. We won't be back, but you might be able to salvage a few other patrons who would otherwise be treated similarly.

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