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  • Reviewed by: wrkt1730  on: 25/12/2013

    I have being coming to this place since it began know the owner , manager and the staff. I haver never complained about anything in the past food always beeing good and the staff just okay. I come to Chief 1 time a week and usually sent $ 70.00 to $90.0 a week and once a month I will bring family members and spend $250 to $ 300.0. But my last experience was the last for me to come to place I will never step foot in this place again. I had placed a order to go and was pretty clear about my order. When i got home the whole was wrong did not receive my kung-pow chicken and other things where wrong my mongolin chicken was made with no sauce at all my soup there was a hair in it. When I tried to call there was no pick up by the staff so I had to waste my time and go back to the restaurant when I got there the hostes said that she will remake my order and that she was sorry. When the manager came out he said that he was not going to replace anything other than the chom-pow chicken he then told me that he was the one that had pack my order and that everything was right. I then then told him how can you make pack my order when you where working the bar and that I saw your waiter pack my whole food. He then later got very rude and unpro with me the way you see on T. V when the manager is a jerk. He gave me my chom- pow chicken but told him that you can take it back and keep it. I told him that as long as I have been coming here and NEVER had complained about anything. T hat is when I told him that I will not ever come in this place and wil never will RECOMMEND this place to anyone. I will put review on Facebook, Yelp and all social media and will everone know how this manager is. And as I was leaving the young girl whi is the hostess had stop me and said that she was sorry and that is the way he is he treats us bad here and that he was a jerk.

  • Reviewed by: lclay0771  on: 17/12/2013

    Food is great. My daughter and I dine here often. Never had bad experience with the service or staff. I guess cause staff see us there often. Favorite dish combination rice, mongolian beef (well done) and sweet/sour chicken.

  • Reviewed by: bitesizezee  on: 24/11/2013

    how many people can you restaurant accommodate for a wedding reception? do you rent out the whole restaurant?

  • Reviewed by: maracowen15  on: 18/10/2013

    my friend said you do have discount coupons. She said try this good place. I do not see it in your website. I do plan to take my family there for our anniversary this week end. Thanks so much.

  • Reviewed by: hubins  on: 15/04/2013

    Recently, we were at your restaurant and I went to the women's restroom and was very upset with the condition of this room. There were no seat covers, the toilet was filthy, no towels and only one soap dispenser worked. I informed the Hostess of these the conditions. I am really concerned with the cleanliness of your establishment and may not come back or recommend it.

  • Reviewed by: Hubins  on: 15/04/2013

    We have coming here for the last few years and I was apallad that our last visit I used the restroom and almost left because the women'S room was a disgress, no seat covers, the stall was filthy, no towels and only one soap dispenser woeked

  • Reviewed by: jen.g.rivera83  on: 10/03/2013

    My fiance and I are looking for a place to have our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding I would like to know if your restaurant can accommodate a party of 60? We would also like to know if we were able to compose a customized menu for our guests? Thank you for your time.

  • Reviewed by:   on: 22/11/2009

    This is my absolute favorite chinese food in the world!!! I have been going to this restaurant for years with my family... and I always look forward to the delicious food, wonderful service, and fabulous drinks!!! They even have amazing dessert, which is rare for chinese restaurants! If i could give another star i would!!!?

  • Reviewed by:   on: 03/10/2009

    My family has been in love with this restaurant for over 20 years even before the present owners. Excellent food and premier service. No MSG and even my Vegan daughter has several dishes that she can eat. We've never had a bad dish. ...?

  • Reviewed by:   on: 25/02/2009

    My husband and I were introduced to Chef's Bistro last Dec. And believe me, we have visIted quite a bit since. I've even taken my co-worker who is very hard to please and she LOVED IT!! I am taking another co -worket next week as well. ...?

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